Healthcare Team


We have part time practice based, non-dispensing Pharmacists who work closely with the clinical and administrative staff. They advise and work on all prescribing issues and matters relating to public health.

  • Ms Tracey Kime-Warren (Pharmacist) (female)
  • Ms Zia Chor (Pharmacist) (female)
  • Ms Leanne Wright (Pharmacy Technician (female)

Community Nurses

Our Community Nurses provide nursing care to patients in their own homes if they are unable to come to the surgery. Your Doctor will arrange for the District Nurse to visit you if it is appropriate. You can contact our District Nurse by ringing the surgery or on the District Nurses' telephone line: 01738 473335.

If you live outside Perth City you will have to call the Community Nurse in your area:

The Community/District Nurses are:

  • Nurse Julie Dunn - Team Leader (female)
  • Nurse Tracey Dewar - District Nurse (female)
  • Nurse Hilary Harper - Community Staff Nurse (female)
  • Nurse Jo Denholm - Community Staff Nurse (male)
  • Nurse Anne McElnea - Community Staff Nurse (female)
  • Ms Julie Mesanovic - Health Care Assistant (female)
  • Nurse Sandra Groundwater - Community Staff Nurse (female)
  • Nurse Paula Fleming - Community Staff Nurse (female)
  • Nurse Laurie Clark - Community Staff Nurse (female)
  • Nurse Rachel Sandeman - District Nurse (female)

Health Visitors

The Health Visitor provides advice, information, support and help and carries out specialised clinics, such as the Children and Baby Clinic. You can contact our Health Visitor by telephoning 01738 413020. You can see the Health Visitor either at the surgery or in your own home by arrangement.

If you live outside Perth city you will have to call the Health Visitor in your area:

The Health Visitors are:

  • Ms Luci Lister (female)
  • Ms Fiona Swan (female)
  • Ms A McGregor (female)
  • Ms Caitlin Stoves (female)