Private Medical Care

Published: 27 June 2023 · Practice news

We are aware that with NHS waiting lists being lengthy at present, many patients are choosing to arrange consultations with private specialists, sometimes without our knowledge or recommendation.

Whilst we understand why you may wish to do this, it is important that you are aware that your GP surgery may not necessarily be able to follow privately-made recommendations with NHS investigations or prescriptions.

As non-specialists, we are not always able to prescribe medications and monitor conditions that would ordinarily be prescribed or overseen by an NHS specialist. There are existing arrangements between us and NHS clinics to cover such scenarios. We do not have similar arrangements with private clinics. Please be aware that if a private clinic recommends specialist-only medications they will need to organise prescriptions themselves, and undertake any necessary monitoring. If we are in agreement with suggested non-specialist medications (and they would be considered part of normal GP care), then this may be permissible so long as it is in accordance with local NHS prescribing policy.

We do not recommend that any of our patients seek healthcare abroad, including surgery. We are unable to support overseas treatment with any blood tests, wound care, or ongoing monitoring - this would all need to be undertaken by a private provider locally. We cannot organise this on your behalf and are unable to recommend specific private providers.

Our policy is in place to ensure that you are getting safe and appropriate care when seeking private treatment. We are grateful for your understanding.