Covid Protocols

Published: 10 November 2022 · Practice news
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“we recognise the impact the pandemic has had on the service we are able to offer our patients both physically and mentally"

We continue to adapt to the demands of the ongoing pandemic.

When a patient needs a GP appointment they can now request whether they would prefer a face to face or telephone appointment. We are working very hard to try and return to a service which offers increased availability for all of our patients. As a result of this change we have reduced the waiting time for a routine GP appointment. Whilst this waiting time is still greater than we were used to offering prior to the pandemic, we wish to assure our patients that we have systems in place to help us deal with those patients who need to be dealt with as a priority. In addition, our appointment system remains under regular review.

Every day we have an on call doctor/s who deal/s with presentations which cannot wait for a routine appointment. Our reception team have been asked to ask you for details of your problem. The on call doctor is not for those patients who are unhappy to wait for the first routine appointment and does not guarantee an appointment. Instead the on call doctor system supports these patients with serious health conditions that cannot wait for another day. When the on call doctor calls you they will advise if a routine appointment is appropriate.

Face to Face Appointments

When you book a face to face appointment here at the surgery you must adhere to ongoing government guidance around COVID risk management within the health care setting. This includes wearing face covering at all times within the health centre, using the hand sanitiser available within the health centre and being respectful of social distancing rules. If on the day of your appointment you have developed any COVID type symptoms you should not attend your appointment and should instead contact us to reschedule your appointment.

Some reminders
  • Please do not call us before 11.00am in the morning unless you have an urgent medical issue.
  • Please do not telephone the surgery before 11.00am in the morning if you are seeking a repeat prescription. If you have access to the internet please follow the link on the "Online Services" tab on our website and sign up to ordering your prescriptions online. This is a simple and much more flexible process for you the patient.
  • All test results will be available by telephone after 2.00pm. Please do not call before then as we will be trying to deal with medical emergencies up until this time.
  • Finally, we recognise the impact the Pandemic has had on the service we are able to offer our patients both physically and mentally. Our team is no different and they too are affected in exactly the same way. They are human beings with feelings, issues and concerns just like you. We would therefore ask that you show patience and kindness when our team tries to help you.

Thank you.